Staff workers repair museum collections at hospital for conservation in Palace Museum

A staff worker repairs a calligraphy collection at a hospital for conservation in the Palace Museum in Beijing, capital of China, June 9, 2018

The Palace Museum, better known as the Forbidden City, welcomed its 17 millionth visitor on December 13 and became the museum with the most visitors in the world, reports Beijing Evening Post on Saturday.

The number of visitors to the museum has continued growing since it hit the milestone with 10 million in 2009. This year’s record number of visitors is an increase of 6.25 percent from 2017.

In the visiting population, 40 percent is under 30 years old while 24 percent is between 30 and 40, which means the museum is more attractive to the young generation.

Although the Palace Museum has limited daily visitors to no more than 80,000 over the course of 76 days this year to protect the ancient architecture, the number of off-season visitors has still seen steady growth this year, taking up nearly 30 percent of all attendees.

New figures also show changes in the visiting area choice. Apart from the commonly popular halls along the north-south Central Axis, the number of visitors to the designed halls such as the Treasure Hall and the Clock Museum keeps growing, with 5.24 million visits in total this year, double the number in 2013.

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